Dog’s Favorite Toy Gets Washed And She Is VERY Concerned


Just as children have special toys and stuffed animals, so do many pets. One dog in Denmark named Olivia has a very special stuffed horse toy.


Olivia’s human mom, Natascha Nielsen bought Olivia the stuffed horse known affectionally as “Horsey” when Oliva was just a puppy. Horsey has been Olivia’s favorite toy ever since that day. Olivia even guards Horsey and takes her everywhere with her. But one day when Nielsen put horsey in the washing machine, Olivia was extremely concerned for her stuffed friend.


Image Source: Natascha Nielsen

Nielsen noticed that Horsey was getting dirty. So she did what any good mom would do when a toy gets dirty. She put it in the washer. Olivia, however, was not happy about seeing her favorite stuffed animal spinning around in the washer. She sat outside the washer waiting to get her friend back.


Image Source: Natascha Nielsen

Olivia Did What She Could To Try And Rescue Her Stuffed Animal Friend



Olivia was very happy to be with Horsey again. “After getting Horsey back, she played with her best friend for hours,” Nielsen said. “I’m fairly certain that she thinks I did something evil to it.”


Image Source: Natascha Nielsen

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