Dog’s Hilarious Reaction After Making Extremely Poor Decision

In life, we are forced to make decisions. Whether we know what is right or not, we always want to make the most beneficial decision. Living in a day and age with so much pressure, it can be hard to make a decision on the spot. If we make the wrong choice there is almost always a feeling of regret, or maybe even disappointment.

In the video below, Dunkin is forced with making a choice. He immediately regrets his choice once it’s been made, just look at his reaction!

Dunkin is a smart pooch he shares a facebook account with his friend Kirby. Recently, this video was posted of Dunkin on the social media. In the video Dunkin’s owner gives him the option of picking between two hands, both closed. This tricky situation causes Dunkin has to make a tough choice, the left or right hand. He knows that both of the owner’s hands have a special something in them for him.

After a few seconds of thinking Dunkin finally makes his decision. He puts his paw on top of his owner’s left fist, making it obvious that he wanted whatever was in his left hand. Once the owner opens his hand the dog seems very happy with his choice, a treat. But when his owner opens his right hand, Dunkin’s reaction is priceless.

Once Dunkin’s owner opens his right hand to reveal multiple treats, Dunkin displays his pure disappointment. He knew his original decision wasn’t a good one. The left hand had only one treat, while the right hand had quite a few. The clever pooch begins to stare down his owner with a face too funny not to remember.  It is almost as if Dunkin is sarcastically saying “Really?” His facial expression says it all.

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“Decision making is the worst” -Dunkin•I present to everyone, the #dogcrisischallenge. Upload your best videos of your dog making a decision on which hand to choose using that hashtag and I’ll share the best ones on my page.

Posted by Dunkin and Kirby on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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