Disgusting Neighbor Cuts Off Dog's Legs–See His Transformation

Cola the puppy was living a happy life with his owner until one horrifying day.  He was recently found suffering after his owner’s neighbor cut off his legs with a sword.  The neighbor had found the dog chewing on a new pair of his shoes but the owner offered to pay for a new pair.  Instead, this heartless criminal decided to “teach him a lesson he would never forget.”

Of course, this attack would cause the pup to lose the ability to walk forever. Cola’s owner rushed him over to a veterinary clinic in Bangkok, but sadly they did all they could for him. Cola had lost a lot of blood and an infection had set in. animal lovers learned about Cola and they alerted the Soi Dog Foundation. The Soi Dog Foundation is known for their aid in homeless, neglected, and abused animals in Thailand.  Soi Dog Foundation offered to send him to iVet and pay for the costs, but they feared his recovery would be hopeless.  They were determined to restore the dog’s mobility.

He received his first “set of legs” but they were merely prototypes and were not the best looking legs, but they did the job.

Then a kind hearted surgeon donated a pair of legs that allowed the dog to move about more nimbly.  They had been modeled after the medical technology which supported Paralympic runners.  

Although, Cola was blessed with a new pair of legs his rescuers would have to observe if he could heal both physically and emotionally.   Cola would have to socialize with the other dogs.  Surprisingly, Cola adapted very well to his new life and legs.

Now he moves better than most dogs!  Sadly the owner gave up Cola to the foundation in fear the neighbor would try to harm him again. Now, Cola was adopted and lives with Gill and John, the owners of Soi Dog. After the cruel act that was committed against him by a cruel human being, Cola is as good as new with his new sleek carbon-fiber “blades.”

We support Soi Dog Foundation and their efforts to help the cruelty that animals in Thailand face.  Share with everyone in support of this foundation.

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