Dogs Love Water, But These Dogs Show Us In A Hilarious Way How Much

Some of the best moments in life are the simplest ones. Dogs and water seem pretty simple, right? When you mix the two together the outcome always seems to be pretty funny.

Dogs with their light personalities enjoy water for multiple reasons. All of them need it to survive, of course. Some dogs like to swim in water. Other dogs like to play with water. And occasionally there is a pooch that doesn’t want anything to do with it.

All of these scenarios make for good entertainment. In the video below, all types of dogs are shown interacting with water. An example of a video in the compilation is one where a dog owner is lying on the diving board of his swimming pool. He is minding his own business when a bunch of dogs come up and surround him. Finally, one dog jumps on his back. The man laughs because the dogs are going crazy. The dog pushes him further and further off the diving board when eventually the owner falls into the pool, along with all of the dogs. This is just one of the many funny clips in the video.
Another good clip shows two furry friends running near the side of a pool. One was too clumsy and accidentally bumped into the other. When this happened the dog flew into the pool. This is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t run near a pool!

One of the last clips shows a German Shepherd sprinting for water from the hose. Not only does he sprint but he jumps super high in order to achieve his goal of drinking or maybe even catching water.

Even if you aren’t a dog lover, these videos will definitely give you a good chuckle. Make sure to share and watch the video below!

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