Dogs save endangered animals all around the world


Poaching is a serious problem for endangered species around the world. Poachers sneak in when authorities are unaware of their presence and kill some of the last remaining animals of their kind on this planet. Thankfully, experts have come up with a way to find these poachers before they do their damage.


Image Source: YouTube/Barcroft Animals

Africa, India, and Polynesia use conservation dogs. The dogs protect wildlife against poaching. The dogs are also protecting endangered animals against potential animal predators. They are able to track the threatened animals while causing minimal disturbance.


Daryll Pleasants, the founder of Animals Saving Animals explained. He said,


“Although dogs are not a silver bullet in the fight against poaching they are a huge security force multiplier.”


Dogs Work So Well Because Of Their Amazing Sense of Smell


Dogs have a much more heightened sense of smell than humans. At the University of Washington, canines learn to find scat from endangered species. Those species include tigers, wolves, orcas, bears, and mice. Researchers analyze the scat and learn more about the animals’ health and travel.


Image Source: YouTube/Barcroft Animals

“Sampling with detection dogs also tends to be far less biased compared to traditional wildlife detection methods (remote cameras, radio-collaring, hair snags, and trapping),” the program website states.  “No other method can acquire such a vast amount of reliable information in so short a time, making this approach incredibly valuable for conservation planners and land managers.”



Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy uses Belgian Malinois dogs to protect endangered animals.  Malinois excel in speed and agility. Malinois also do well in harsh conditions. Working Dogs for Conservation (WD4C) based in Montana has found that rescued shelter dogs also work really well.


On it was stated that dogs from WD4C have been able to pick up “anything from elephant ivory and poachers’ guns in Zambia and trafficked snow leopards in Tajikistan to predatory Rosy wolf snails in Hawaii and invasive Argentine ants on California’s Santa Cruz Islands.” And they do all of this without disturbing the wildlife. Check out the video below to learn more.




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