Dogs Stuffed Inside Burlap Bags Found Only Minutes Away From Slaughter

It was a death sentence no animal should have to experience. It is the fate that awaits the dogs in the back of this boarded-up truck. Nearly 40 burlap bags were stuffed with dogs. Their heads were the only thing protruding from the opening. Each dog had been shoved inside; the bag tied tightly around their neck. There was no hope for them, their heads just laying on the bed of the truck.

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Help is on the Way

In early June, Humane Society International (HSI) had gotten a tip about an illegal operation in India. Reports of illegal trafficking were happening. The dogs would be sold to the meat trade and action had to be taken immediately to save these dogs.

Rescuers were dispatched to an area where the trucks were reported to be. Inside they found 36 burlap sacks filled with dogs, “just minutes away from being sold and slaughtered,” according to an HSI Instagram post.

Image by Humane Society International via Instagram

These dogs finally have a second chance, and it came in the nick of time.

What’s to Happen Next?

It is not new news that South Korea and China take center stage for illegal meat trades. But in India, there is an even more cruel and large market for the consumption of dogs.

According to HSI, 30,000 stray dogs and more are smuggled into the country each year. They are then sold off to live markets. What happens to these dogs is beyond anything one human can imagine. It is cruel and evil. HSI reports that they’re beaten with wooden clubs, and sometimes worse. They are working diligently to stop this illegal trade.

Dogs Safely Rescued

Image by Humane Society International via screencapture via Instagram

Great news came to HSI that they had received legal custody of all the dogs. A judge had rejected a dog meat seller’s application to get the 36 dogs back from HSI. Thousands of animals are sold into the illegal meat trade every year. Furthermore, each life that is saved is monumental.

N. G Jayasimha, Managing Director HSI/India said, “We are delighted that the court has rejected the dog meat sellers’ application for custody. Dog meat consumption in India is illegal, and the way the trade is carried out is cruel…”

Some of the dogs are still recovering from injuries, infections, and certainly emotional trauma. Each day you can see the light returning to each dog’s eyes.

Image by Humane Society International via Instagram

“We are fortunate to have saved the lives of these dogs,” rescuers said. “[We] hope that they will only get better from now on.”

Featured Image by Humane Society International via screencaptor via Instagram

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