Donkey Falls Into A Septic Tank She Is Trapped, Hero Jumps Into Action To Rescue Her

It’s hard to imagine what one donkey in India went through when he fell into a septic tank. Thankfully people helped to get him out of the hole of certain death that he was trapped in.

While no one knows how the donkey fell through the tiny hole in the building, they knew he needed out quickly.  If the donkey were to lay down, he would drown in filth.  It is estimated that he was down in the hole at least 24 hours before help arrived.

Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid Unlimited Rescues the Trapped Donkey

Moving quickly and calmly India’s Animal Aid Unlimited set right to work to rescue the donkey. Rescuers used a pickax and a jackhammer to first make the hole bigger.  In order to safely excavate the trapped burro, the hole needed to be widened.

Animal Aid Unlimited

As I watch this rescue it hurts to imagine what the donkey must have been thinking. He was trapped in filth up to his chest. Then the loud sounds of the ax and jackhammer must have been terrifying. But the predicament that he was in was almost over.

Animal Aid Unlimited

The strong and gentle hands of the rescuers put a blanket and ropes around him and lifted him out. The donkey looked exhausted as he lay there by the hole while being reassured by the team of rescuers.

Animal Aid Unlimited

Watch the video to see the whole excavation of the donkey.  Make sure to watch to the end so that you can see the donkey living safely at the sanctuary.  He seems emotionally unscathed by all that he went through. It looks like he may have suffered some minor injuries to his legs, but seems to be walking and playing well.

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