Dozens of purebred Persian kitties were neglected in woman’s backyard, neighbors turned her in


Can you imagine having any more than three or four cats maximum? What about 24 CATS? That is right, a woman living in Snohomish County, Washington was found living with 24 Persian cats and 16 dogs! This insane number of pets is extremely unhealthy and considered to be neglect. Out of the 24 kitties, 15 were taken in by the Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Center. 

The shelter speculates that the woman was using the cats to bread since none of them were spayed or neutered. Even though the cats did not look neglected, under their fur proved differently. 

Every single feline had skin and fur issues. They all had ringworm on top of their skin issues. Although this bread of cat is usually very friendly, these cats were not. Their conditions had a lot to do with them being scared. A volunteer comments, 

They have a long road to recovery ahead of them but we are determined to provide them with the second chances they so desperately need.

Because many of the Persian cats had matted fur, they shaved them. The poor kitties looked naked. But it needed to happen in order to ensure their health. 

Iris the Persian Cat

 One of the cutest Persian kitties was Iris. She was automatically loved by the shelter because of her sweet pink tongue. It sticks out because she does not have any teeth. She is also super tiny. Normally, a full grown female Persian ways 7-12 pounds; Iris weighs two pounds! She is one of the most popular kitties at the shelter. 

The shelter adds,

You’ve heard us say that “Rescued” is our favorite breed of cat and have seen us encouraging people to adopt, not shop. Have you ever wondered why?

They continue:

These Persian kitties are the reason why. The cats in these photos are the faces of backyard breeding.


Make sure to consider adoption when thinking about pets. There are plenty of animals, like these Persian kitties, that need homes. Also, like and share!

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