Family Dog Goes Missing And One Year Later A Microchip Changed Everything

Two lovely ladies found Elsa, a German Shepard, straying in Dublin, Ireland. After finding her and wrapping them up in their wooly jumpers, they drove her to Dogs Trust in Finglas.

Thankfully, Elsa’s owner’s had a microchip in her. With this, the re-homing charity found her family and let them know they had Elsa.

Chip Chip Hurray as the Microchip reunites a stray! Over one year after Megan reported that her much loved German…

Posted by Dogs Trust Ireland on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Exactly one year before, Megan, the owner reported her dog missing. When she heard the news, she cried tears of joy. So Elsa was found on the anniversary of her disappearance! Sounds like a much better anniversary!

Along with her partner Sean and two children, Oscar and Penny, Megan rushed over to get her beloved pooch!

Sara Lynch from Dogs Trust Ireland says this is exactly why owners should microchip their dogs.

“Microchipping your dog and having your up to date details registered against the chip is compulsory by law in Ireland since April 2016, but sadly we see all too often stray dogs arriving in to rescue centres and dog pounds across the country either without a microchip or with incorrect details recorded against the chip they have, which makes reuniting them with their owner a sometimes impossible task.”

“We are so delighted for Megan and her family, and extremely grateful to Elsa’s finders who kept her safe and brought her in to be scanned for a microchip.”

Being microchipped was Elsa’s chance at being returned home to her beloved family. Otherwise, they may have never been reunited and she would have gone to a different home.

We are so glad Elsa is reunited with her family, share if you are too!

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