Duchess The Cat Shocks Her Owners By Giving Birth To “The Aristocats” Cast


Do you ever watch a Disney cartoon and wish that real life could be like that? The characters are so adorable and the animation makes things seem bigger than life. Well, if you are a fan of the Aristocrats, you are going to love this story. There are actually 3 real live kittens that have grown up to look very similar to the Disney Aristocats. Let’s take a look.



Duchess is a beautiful white cat adopted by Shelby Sewell-Lopez from East Texas in 2018. Before she was adopted, she was a sickly cat with a hernia and parasites. But that has all changed now. Shelby said that even though she’s been through so much she has remained a sweet and calm cat. “Through all of the rehabilitating, she kept her calm demeanor and a beautiful cat emerged. She is unbothered by everything except the vacuum cleaner!” Shelby said.



A Mouse Or A Kitten?


A surprise was about to be revealed on a special day when Shelby looked in her closet. At first, Shelby thought she saw a mouse, but then later realized that Duchess had just given birth to 4 kittens.




Kittens are always so cute. But there was something extra cute and special about these kittens. Three of them looked very much like the characters from The Aristocats. It is for this reason that they named the kittens Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse. The fourth kitten didn’t look like a movie star kitten but he was super cute. They named what they called the “bonus kitten” Blue.



“Although Blue is not an official Aristocat, he is the most affectionate and definitely steals most of the attention,” Shelby said.


Take a look for yourself. What do you think? Do you see the resemblance to the Aristocrats? Make sure to share this cuteness with someone today. Sometimes Disney dreams really do come to life.










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