Duck Mom Stands by Tunnel Crying for Her Babies and Someone to Help Them

Ducks are often found around bodies of water this time of year. Whether for a break from flying, or cooling off on a hot day. However, when a duck is near a drainage tunnel, one is bound to ask why. That was the case one day for a woman driving to work. Standing near a tunnel, crying, was a mama duck. This mama missed her babies. The woman knew they were trapped somewhere in the dark tunnel. Unfortunately, she didn’t know if she’d be able to save this mama’s baby ducks.

Rescue Attempt

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After work the next day, the woman attempted to rescue the baby ducks. However, she noticed the water in the tunnel was deep, and it was too dark to venture into. Without proper equipment, the woman wouldn’t be able to rescue the mama’s ducklings. Instead, she got in contact with a local wildlife rescuer, Dan Martin.

He set off into the dark, and possibly dangerous, tunnel in search for the baby ducks.

Lost Ducks Found

After following the chirping noises of the ducks, Martin noticed they wouldn’t have been able to escape by themselves.

“It soon became apparent why they were trapped inside the tunnel as the opening had a large drop far too high for them to jump up to escape,” Martin told The Dodo. “I can only assume the current had swept them down there.”

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It took awhile for him to find the ducks, but once he did, he shone some light on them. These little guys had been trying to find their mama as well. Unfortunately, one of the babies didn’t make it. The remaining seemed healthy and fine, and Martin gathered them in a net.

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Reunited and it Feels So Good

After coming out of the tunnel with the baby ducks, Martin realized their mama was still around! All that time, she had waited diligently. Originally, Martin had planned to put them in his car to take home and feed. Then he saw she was across the street atop a roof. All that time and she hadn’t given up on their rescue.

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After getting them to a safer location, away from traffic, Martin released the babies. Those little ducks didn’t take any time before they were waddling towards mama. The family proceeded to disappear into the bushes nearby. According to Martin, “It was the best feeling.”

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