Police Help This Dying Dog Cross An Important Item Off His Bucket List

A North Carolina family, the Millers, recently got the news every pet owner dreads. Sadly, their sweet Parson’s Jack Russel Terrier named Jack Miller has cancer, and he’s not going to live much longer. So, Jack’s parents wrote him out a bucket list. Since then, they have been very busy building the boy his own Facebook page and seeing each item get crossed off. One thing on the list was especially close to Jack’s parent’s hearts, but it took some teamwork to make it happen.


On October 1st vets diagnosed the 14-year-old dog with terminal cancer. The vet told Jacks’ parents that day that he only had until about Christmas to live. That’s when the Millers made up their minds to make his last months as full of love and fun as possible.

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

As you can see on that list, Jack’s parents wanted him to get a chance to do all sorts of things. A road trip, a candlelight massage with treats, trips to the beach, and one extraordinary item — a ride in a police car.


Well, when the police got word about Jack’s bucket list, they decided to make it happen.

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

Jack proudly put on his K-9 uniform, and he spent the day working with Sergeant Lisa Kittrell. Sergeant Kittrell works with the Wilmington Police Department, and she and Jack had quite a day.

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

Jack performed like a pro. Through the day, the pair took many rides in the police car. They also spent time patrolling the park — an essential job for any K-9.


The day wasn’t done there, either. Jack, looking spiffy in his police uniform also visited police headquarters and the 911 call center.

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

Jack’s happiness, while it led to this whole thing isn’t the only reason the Millers shared this story.


You see, the Millers hope that Jacks story will help others deal with the loss of a fur baby.

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

“It shows that being diagnosed with terminal cancer does not mean he’s dead already,” said Mr. Miller. “You can make the best out of even the worst situations in life.”

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

The Millers took Jack in as a stray in Maryland 13 years ago. The couple hopes to open a “Make-a-Wish” type foundation except instead of humans; it’s for dogs.


Since Jack has inspired so much, what’s next for the pup? Well, for right now he’s crossed many of the items off his bucket list. According to his most recent update on Facebook, he has a new tumor over his left eye, and his parents “talk a little sad sometimes,” because it’s so close to his brain.

Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

But, even though his tumors are a little sore, Jack has not slowed down a bit. He has plans this weekend to get his picture with Santa. One thing is sure, Jack is going to have a great time right until the end.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Jack. Share this story to thank the Millers for doing such a wonderful thing for a beautiful boy like Jack and everyone else going through a hard time.

We think a doggy Make-a-Wish is a fantastic idea. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Featured Image from Jack Miller via Facebook

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