Dying Kitten Is Lifeless Until A Crow Swoops Down And Grabs Him

One morning, a family saw something very small in their yard, and from a distance, they thought it to be a dead rat.

When the elderly couple noticed its fur was black and white, they went outside to investigate. While still watching from the window they noticed another creature moving nearby. Before getting a chance to go outside to look, they figured out it was a crow.

Knowing they couldn’t get outside fast enough before the crow could get to the lifeless creature, they watched from their window.

Seeing it swoop in, they watched as the animal, a kitten, was carried away. Worse yet, the kitten seemed to be alive.

Feeling horrified the crow would harm the kitten, they saw something unbelievable. The crow sat the kitten on the ground and tried to sit it up.

Standing beside the kitten, the bird cawed warning to other animals to stay away. Next, it started finding worms and feeding them to the kitten. The kitten then sat up and started walking! The crow even cawed at the kitten to keep it from running into the road. They must have some kind of universal animal language for the kitten to understand what the crow was saying.

Eventually, the family lured the kitten inside with cat food so they could treat it and give it proper medical care. The couple named her Cassie. They decided to keep Cassie and give her a forever home rather than take her to a rescue.

Better yet, every morning they let the kitten outside to play with her crow friend. Who would’ve thought for years the crow and kitten stayed best friends! That is one hero crow for saving that poor kitten’s life. Happy and healthy, Cassie is adorable!

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