Dylan And Tank – How This Hero Pitbull Saved So Much More Than Just One Life

Here at Animals Being Cute, we love to bring you stories of heroic dogs going above and beyond and doing shocking things to save their humans. Well, dear readers, I have one for you that hits close to home. Dylan Coyle has been a dear friend of mine now for several years. Until his post on facebook the other day, I had no idea he nearly lost his life.

On top of that, I had no idea that one of my very favorite dogs, Dylan’s pitbull Tank, is the reason he’s still with us.


Dylan’s enormous heart, warm hugs, and engaging smile make him a favorite among our entire circle of friends. He would give a stranger the shirt off his back if they needed it. His love and devotion to Tank are always on full display.

You see, Dylan has Asbergers and, as well as being his hero, Tank is also Dylan’s emotional support animal.


Seven years ago, on July 4th, Dylan had a get-together at his house. He did what many adults do on that holiday, and he spent it hanging out with friends and indulging in a couple of adult beverages. When he went to bed that night, Tank by his side, he fell asleep pretty hard.

That didn’t matter to tank a few hours later, though, when the time came to save his dad.

Dylan woke up to Tank jumping up and down on his chest. If you have ever had a 75 pound Pitbull jump on your chest, you know this is no small thing. Of course, Dylan was super confused, and he put his hand out in front of his face because his vision seemed cloudy.


It didn’t take long for Dylan to realize it wasn’t his vision, but actual smoke in his room making everything blurry. He couldn’t even see his hand if he extended his arm. He told me the entire thing felt surreal, as though he were still dreaming.

Luckily, though, he realized this was no dream. He grabbed his cell phone and Tank, and he ran out of his room.


Dylan called 911 and ran to turn off the electricity and the gas. Terrifyingly, the fire was in an attached pumphouse that contained the pump for the house’s water-well as well as a 300-gallon propane tank that they had just filled up.

Dylan was racing against the clock to save his life, Tank’s life, and his entire house. He started hauling water in a bucket from the hot tub onto the fire.


Luckily he had this option, as he lives out in the woods. His driveway is difficult to see. As he was throwing the buckets of water, he heard the firetrucks get closer. However, as soon as he heard them zoom past the end of the driveway, he knew it would be another minute or two before they figured it out and got turned around.

“The whole thing was just so wild,” said Dylan.


The fire was nearly out before the fireman got there. However, Dylan told me it was just in the nick of time. It started as an electrical fire right there at the pump.

He looked at the hose connected to the propane tank after it was over. The fire melted it to within a few inches of the connection.

If Tank had not woken Dylan when he did, we would have lost them all that day, including the house.

Now, though, all thanks to Tank, Dylan, and his mom use the house to run a successful Airbnb.

Thank you, Tank, for saving our friend Dylan, we love you both very much.

Do you have a hero dog story you would like to share? Tell us about it in the comments.

Feature Image via Dylan Coyle

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