Elderly Man Stops to Protect His Dog From the Rain – The Result is Adorable!


A video of an elderly man tenderly taking care of his dog has gone viral. In a Philippines market someone caught the kind act on their phone. This precious moment, captured by Alilee Shalom Galilee, proves the kindness of the man. The way he makes sure his dog doesn’t get wet from the rain is sweet. Not everyone would make sure their dog was dry. If anything is going to make you smile today, this will do the trick. The serene dog coupled with the elderly man’s actions is heart moving.


The elderly man was getting ready to leave the market when it started to rain.


elderly man protecting his dog
Image via screencapture from YouTube video


On the front of his bike was a basket, and inside sat the dog. They were about to leave the market before the unthinkable happened. It started to rain. After the rain had started he made sure his beloved friend was covered. Grabbing a plastic bag, he tied it around the dog, covering him almost completely. Then, he grabbed a small hat and placed it on the dog’s head, attaching the strap to his bike. The dog was covered and no longer getting wet.


dog being taken care of by elderly man
Image via screencapture from YouTube video

The video has received over 170,000 views! It reminds us to slow down and treat your dog with respect. We keep our children dry from the rain, why not our pets? The best part of all this is how calm the dog was. With the rain coming down upon them, the sweet animal remained calm so his master could cover him.


dog after elderly man covers him up
Image via screencapture from YouTube video


It is sweet, caring and the dog is obviously patient through the process. Once the dog is take care of, the elderly man puts his gloves back on. He gets back on the bike, pushes off and they disappear behind a red vehicle. Just a moment caught in time and one we’ll watch over and over again. Check out the video below to see the sweet act caught on camera.





Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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