Thieves Steal Elderly Ladies Car Then Realize The Dog In The Car, Shocked They Kick It Out.

Can you imagine the stress of having your car stole?.  When you walk out of a store, you assume your vehicle will be there.  Now can you imagine, not only has your vehicle been stolen but that your dog was also taken?  This is exactly the turmoil and stress that 71 years old Pam Wilson and her dog went through.

Thankfully it didn’t take long for the local authorities to track down Wilson’s car.  Pinkie her dog wasn’t in the car.

A bystander saw someone push Pinkie out of the car right in front of his home.  Melissa Romero’s uncle saw the scene unfold.  When Romero later saw a missing dog flier with Pinkie’s photo on it, she realized this was Wilson’s dog.  Romero notified the Fort Worth police right away.

Pinkie is Found Safe and Sound

Pinkie and Wilson have reunited shortly afterward.   “I just can’t wait to pamper her and get her collar with her name tag on it,” Wilson told Fox 4 News. “And she’s not gonna have to take that off again.”

All is well that ends well for Wilson and her dog pinkie.  This good ending does not always happen in cases like this.  The person who stole Wilson’s vehicle thankfully did not want her dog.  If it weren’t for Romero and her uncle seeing Pinkie and taking her in, this might have ended much more tragically.

Microchipping would have saved Wilson a lot of time and worry.    The procedure is quick and doesn’t seem to cause much discomfort at all for pets.  Microchipping is as quick as an injection when administered.

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