Elephant Mother Tries Desperately To Wake Baby, They Need To Step In And Take Action

If you are a mother or have a mother, you know all about ‘ motherly instincts’.  You know that time you lied to your mom and she already knew, before you even uttered a word that you were lying. Maybe you had this feeling deep in your gut that you had to give your newborn more food even though the doctor said not to.  Elephants have that same intuition,  which only proves that animals and humans are more alike than some may have guessed.

This elephant mom is in a tough predicament that I have found myself in more than once.   After working so hard to get your little one to sleep, you find yourself hovering over the crib to make sure they’re alright. You place your hand gently on their little body to make sure they are still breathing.

This mother elephant does the same thing with her trunk to her baby sleeping in the sunshine.

This sleepy little guy is perfectly content as shown in the video.  The mother elephant is concerned that he isn’t waking up and isn’t sure what else she can do wake him.

The zookeepers notice the conflict taking place as the mother elephant wants her calf to wake up while the calf just wants to continue napping.

What happens next is absolutely fascinating. Mother elephant’s reaction is absolutely heart-melting. In one final attempt to wake her baby, it is noticeable that she is flustered.

When the zoo staff realizes how she feels about the situation, they don’t hesitate to step in. Watch this mother elephant’s feelings show through in an amazing way in the touching video below.

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