Employees at Home Depot find the most adorable surprise in a pallet of shavings


When you work in the garden department at Home Depot, hauling bags of mulch is a considerable part of the job. Ordinarily, people who do that job don’t experience many things that shock them. However, when one employee went to grab a bag of mulch last spring in a Colorado Home Depot, he got the shock of a lifetime. You see, suddenly he was face-to-face with the cutest surprise ever — tiny baby raccoons.


Now, we know that there is never a time when a baby animal isn’t cute. Seriously, we don’t care what animal it is, if it’s a baby, it’s always adorable. Here, though, we have three baby animals with their tiny little tails, and their paws tucked around their noses. It’s so cute it’s enough to make your cheeks hurt.

surprises raccoons in mulch
Image from Elborrach0666 via Imgur

They are in there just sleeping away too, with no idea they are in the middle of a busy store. Apparently, their mama put in a lot of work to create this sweet little nest for her babies. Check this thing out below.

surprises photo of raccoons in mulch pile
Image from Elborrach0666 via Imgur

Now, that’s quite a project that raccoon mama undertook when she made that home for her babies.


Speaking of the raccoon mama, no one knew where she was. User Elborrach666 who took the photos said on the post that there was no sign of the mama. Perhaps, they thought, she was out foraging. So, to give mom a chance to return to her babies, store employees came up with a plan.

raccoon mulch pallet with do not disturb sign
!!!Image from Elborrach0666 via Imgur

While they waited on the mama to return to her babies, store employees hung a sign.

“Please do not disturb this pallet!!! Baby raccoons inside nest in middle,” said the sign.


Sadly, a couple of days since the surprise went by and there was still no sign from the mama. Employees knew at that point that they were going to need a new plan. So, several employees, led by Elborrach0666 grabbed the thickest gloves they could find and scooped up the babies.

raccoon store employee holding raccoon
Image from Elborrach0666 via Imgur

Just look at that little tail and those adorable fingers on that baby trash panda.

Seeing as it had been a few days, employees had time to name the little critters. The baby raccoons were named Rocket, Nibbler Jr., and Nacho. The employees knew, though, that their time with the adorable guys needed to end. The raccoons required more help than the employees could give them at the Home Depot.

surprises raccoon held by employee
Image from Elborrach0666 via Imgur

Then it was time to say goodbye. Elborrach0666 took the babies to the Colorado Wildlife Division. On top of that, they also set a humane trap for the mama in case she tried to come back. We couldn’t find any word on whether or not the mama ever returned.

Even though they don’t have a mom, those three babies have a fighting chance because a couple of humans did the right thing. Please share this to thank those Home Depot employees and encourage your friends to help an animal in need. Stuff like this should be the rule, not the exception to the rule.

Featured Images from Elborrach0666 via Imgur

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