English Bulldog is doing what most of us want to be doing right now, but he does it so sweetly

As with any animal, sleep is a crucial part of life. Sleeping allows for your body to restore and replenish itself. One of the best feelings in the world is waking up after a fulfilling sleep. Sometimes, our sleep is interrupted by horrible nightmares or amazing dreams. Did you ever jump out of bed because of a scary dream you had? Occasionally, you get some dreams you wish you never had.

Like humans, dogs need their beauty rest as well. In fact, most days, all dogs do are sleep, eat, and play. With humans and dogs alike, a body at rest is such a peaceful sight to see. However, the puppy in this video doesn’t seem to be having a peaceful rest.

In this video, you can see a puppy taking one of his many naps during the day. Only this time, he isn’t laying peacefully and still. As shown in the video, this little pooch is dreaming. The adorable dog flinches and kicks all while sleeping. You might be wondering why he’s kicking around like that. Honestly, we will never really know what dogs dream about, but we can guess. This cute pup is probably running through the fields somewhere chasing bunnies. Maybe he is swimming in a lake somewhere. Perhaps, he is running to fetch a ball his owner threw for him. There is no certain answer for why he is moving like that.

Watch the video for yourself. What do you think he is dreaming about?

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