Epic Wedding Held At Shelter Really Goes To The Dogs (VIDEO)

For as long as she can remember, Carolyn Kirk has always loved animals. And because of that, she began volunteering at Stray Rescue, a shelter in St. Louis while she was just a girl. Then, as fate would have it, she met a two-legged animal of the human kind who went by the name of Cameron, and they realized he was destined to become her husband.

She’d met him on a dating site, where they realized they both shared a love of animals, LittleThings reports. And it wasn’t long before he was volunteering at the shelter.

Image by USA Today via YouTube video

Shelter Dogs Take Part

Not long after that, the couple decided that a big, fancy, traditional wedding just wasn’t their thing. After all, why pay for a costly wedding when you could donate that money to the SPCA instead? They kind of joked about it at first, but then realized they’d discovered something that was a good idea.

With that in mind, they said their vows on May 24 at the Nevada SPCA, a no-kill shelter for animals, standing inside one of the play yards to say their “I do’s.”

Image by USA Today via YouTube video

And of course, since they both volunteered at the shelter in St. Louis, the couple felt like they fit right into this cozy setting. They even built their altar and arch for the wedding and had 10-year-old Babaloo, an adorable labrador, bring in the rings (after a few treats, of course).

Image by USA Today via YouTube video

More than a few homeless doggos filled the seats, allowing them and wedding guests to mingle.

Image by USA Today via YouTube video

However, here’s the nicest thing about what this couple did: they didn’t spend one penny on their wedding. Instead, all of the money they saved was donated to the no-kill shelter. Rather than spending money on an extravagant wedding, they did something that’s going to help these sweet dogs.

And they created memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

You can watch the beautiful video below.

Featured image by USA Today via YouTube video

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