10+ Pictures That Prove Why Everyone Needs A Pet


To the right person, a pet can be a wonderful blessing. Pets provide companionship. Some pets such as dogs provide protection. Many pets are snuggly and provide a safe being to snuggle up to. One thing that all pets share, is a love that knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had or if you’ve been at the office for too long. Your pet is always waiting for you to be reunited with him or her. Let’s take a look at this collection of photos that show why everyone should have a pet.


Those Eyes


When dogs look at you like this, you know that you are not deserving of the love they give. For many people, pets make them a better person.



Some Pets Can Be Worn


“My cat never leaves my side. Someone gave me a hoodie with a ‘cat pouch’ in it as a gag gift… She rides around in it and just stares at my face.”



Cats Have A Special Way Of Greeting Their Humans


You may have a cat that runs to brush against your legs. Or maybe you have one like this that likes to snuggle up close.



Cats Come In All Sizes


Sometimes cats outgrow their names like this one. This cat’s friend says, “This is Bitsy. Bitsy is not my cat. She greets me and my boyfriend on our way home from the grocery store by barreling out of her yard and demanding pets. All hail Bitsy.”



Those Smiles Are Contagious



Pets Make Great Therapists



Little Pets Can Make Excellent Neck Warmers.



Two Pets Can Be Better Than One


“My daughter has been begging us for a kitten for months. We’ve told her in no uncertain terms we are NOT getting a kitten. This is what awaits her on Christmas morning…”



If Done Correctly With A Lifelong Commitment Assured Ahead Of Time, Pets Can Make Great Presents


“The look on my daughter’s face when I tell her she gets to adopt a kitten as a surprise birthday present,” a parent said.



A Dog Can Make School Work Not So Bad After All



There Is Nothing Like A Hug From A Warm And Soft Puppy



What A Perfect Stepping Stool






Best Friends



A Day At The Beach



Big Bunny



Scratch Right There



Through The Years





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