Everyone is raving over this Russian cat's human features, right down to the smile

Cats usually have pretty defined characteristics. When you come across a cat, you usually know that it is a cat. Sometimes this species can differ from one another greatly. For Valkyrie not only did she look a bit different from her fellow cats, but she also resembles a human.

Valkyrie is a kitten who lives in Russia. She is about two months old and is a Maine Coon. Main Coon adoption describes them as:

“The dogs of the cat world.”  That’s the nickname Maine Coons have earned because they enjoy the company of people.  Also called “gentle giants,” Maine Coons are big, gentle, intelligent, good-natured goofs who remain kittenish throughout their lives.

They add,

Maine Coons were originally prized as skilled mousers on New England farms. During the 1860s, farmers started showing their Maine Coon cats at the Skowhegan Fair.

Valkyrie’s owner, Tatiana Rastorguava, took some cute pictures of Valkyrie. After the photo shoot, she put the pictures online. The response she received was remarkable. Everyone was raving over Valkyrie’s face because it looked just like a human one.

Although she is not identical to a human, her facial expressions are, which makes her more human-looking. Parts of her face that contribute to this idea are definitely her eyes and facial structure. Her eyes are quite soft, while her face has the most human-like structure. The colors are just right also. You can notice a slight change in Valkyrie’s fur color on her face throughout her face. This adds to the resemblance.

Thanks to her owner, Valkryie was an overnight sensation. Her features are ridiculously similar to those of a human. The internet loves taboo things and Valkryie is definitely something special. If you too are amazed by her make sure to like and share this with your cat loving friends.

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