Evil kids threw rocks at a helpless tiny 6 week old puppy, someone teach these kids a lesson


Here at Animals Being Cute, we have been at this for quite a while. We have seen stories of amazing people all over the globe doing the right thing by our furry friends. Well, it’s no different in Capetown, South Africa. There, a rescue group showed up just in time to save a 6-week-old puppy from some very evil children.


Of course, most children aren’t inherently evil. However, once a child reaches a certain age, they should undoubtedly know basic rules of getting around in the world — and that includes treating animals gently and with care.

Sadly, the evil children in our story today didn’t seem to get those lessons from their parents.

Image Screenshot from Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video

Luckily, just in the nick of time, a rescue organization got wind of what was happening. So, Sidewalk Specials grabbed little Murphy off the mean streets — far away from those evil children.


Because of the extent of his many injuries, the rescuers had to rush poor Murphy to the hospital. Once he arrived at Vet Point Clinic, the veterinarians there treated Murphy’s injuries.

On top of his other injuries, the poor boy had so many ticks that he was anemic.

Image Screenshot from Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video

Sadly, it’s pretty likely that when the vet was caring for Murphy, it was the first time a human treated him with kindness. On the other hand, luckily, those evil children didn’t seem to do any lasting harm.

Image Screenshot from Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video

You see, Murphy is a curious and super sweet little guy. He goes to work and “helps” his foster mom every single day.

Image Screenshot from Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video

So, even though a headline like this one can seem very sad, remember one thing: there are people all over the world to rescue animals like Murphy every single day.

Share this story with your friends so we can make Murphy go viral, so someone adopts him ASAP.

Check him out in the video below:

Featured Image Screenshot from Sidewalk Specials via YouTube Video



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Tammie has loved animals since she was a child. She was always bringing home strays to rescue and care for them. Her love for our furry friends has carried over into her work as a writer and one of her favorite parts of every day is when she gets to write about these delightful creatures.

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