Evil Thieves Steal New Pup From Loving Family…But They Didn’t Know Puppy's Big Secret

Every 15 seconds a burglary takes place somewhere around the world. Typically, thieves search for items of high value that they can sell later. They search for items like jewelry, coins, cash, electronics, and more.

When police in Croyden Hills of Victoria, Australia, heard about the robbery of the Hood-Sardi family, they believed that happened.

While the whole family was away at a doctor’s appointment, thieves stole an iPad, a laptop, and some jewelry.These items seemed to be the least of the family’s worries. The thieves stole something completely unusual. Quite strange, they stole their Labrador retriever puppy, Sasha.

Only a week before, the family adopted Sasha and the puppy bonded with Maia, their four-year-old daughter, immediately. The two became inseparable.

“It’s been tough, my daughter has had nightmares the first night,” Maia’s father, Ryan Hood, told Today.

The thieves probably didn’t put much thought into stealing the pup. Little did they know, they picked the wrong puppy to steal. When they got Sasha, the owners put a microchip in her that is permanently recorded. The family could trace the dog at any moment.

Not much later, a news source placed an ad for the puppy mentioning the microchip.

Informing the thieves, they had a short amount of time to return the puppy before they found them.

Maybe this scared them into returning the dog, but the thieves finally brought home the dog.

The look on Maia’s face says it all.  The family couldn’t be happier.

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