Evil Woman Caught Dumping Her Dogs–The Video Went Viral And She Got What She Deserved (Update)

Social media can sometimes be a force for great good, especially when it comes to our four-legged friends. Whether it is helping to find lost pets, finding them loving adoptive forever homes, or locating evil people who do terrible things to them, social media continues to come through and provide animals with the help they need.

The most recent example of this comes from Texas.


Recently, a video of an evil woman dumping off dogs to fend for themselves surfaced on social media and quickly went viral. We even posted it right on this site, and you came through in a significant way with all those shares.

In it, the woman taking the video can be heard pleading with the lady dumping the dogs to take them for free to Animal Care Services (ACS)  instead.

The woman dumping the dogs even got directions to the shelter, and it seemed like she might do the right thing. Until she nonchalantly opens the door and ushered the dogs out of the car, that is.

You can see in the video; the poor things were terrified and confused.

As she was pulling away, someone else in the car flipped the camera operator the finger.

Luckily, though, social media is real and so was that recording. The video went viral, and people were outraged.


The videographer called 311 as soon as the evil woman pulled away in her car, though, and animal control officers arrived quickly on the scene.

They were able to locate and rescue three of the dogs as soon as they arrived on the scene.

Sadly, though, the woman dumped four dogs. Officers thought they were going to have to set a trap to locate the fourth one. That is until social media stepped up and showed that woman what shame felt like.

According to ACS spokesperson Lisa Norwood, the dog dumper turned herself in just as officers were preparing the trap. The woman had returned to the scene of the crime and collected the fourth dog on her own.

She showed up at ACS and turned the fourth dog over at the same time as she turned herself in.


Norwood said, as a result of dumping the dogs, this woman could now face charges for each one she stands accused of abandoning. Abandoning an animal is against state and local laws as well as being a misdemeanor.

Officials have not yet released the suspect’s name. They added that the other passenger in the car, as well as the owner of the car, are not suspects at this time.

As of April 17, two of the dogs were adopted and the other two were still available through ACS. They were still looking for foster homes. Anyone interested in helping out can call 210-207-6666 or email [email protected] for more information.

Their reference numbers are  A477080, A477073, and A196846.

UPDATE: ACS is working on the investigation and investigators have identified a suspect. Thank you everyone for your…

Posted by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services on Friday, April 13, 2018

Officials credit the good Samaritan with a successful rescue. Thanks to her and people like her, a situation that could have been dangerous to those poor doggos ended as well as it could have.

In case you are wondering about the 311 system the woman used to call the non-emergency services, click here to find out if it is available where you live. It’s a super easy way to contact help when you need it without clogging the 911 system with non-emergencies.

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