Families Enter Lottery To Adopt Rescued Pups, They Lose It While They Wait Their Turn

Imagine the feeling of getting ready to meet a lifelong potential best friend at any moment.  A few chosen Detroit residents felt just like this as they waited in line for their number to be called.  Then they would be able to choose their lifelong pal.

A homeless mother dog named Raina had given birth to a litter of 11 puppies. Stray moms with pups have it hard.  The mom needs to fend off problems all on her own and find enough nutrition and water for herself to produce milk for the pups. Then as they get older, she must find food for all.

If this wasn’t hard enough, a flash flood had hit the area where had the puppies. Being the good mom that she was, Raina got her puppies to the safest place she could think of.  She burrowed them down in a hole.  The problem was that the flash floods were threatening to drown all of the dogs in that hole.

The Michigan Humane Society people arrived on the scene and performed a dramatic rescue that saved all of the puppies and Raina.

First, there were health checks and vaccinations to take place. Now each pup was ready to be adopted out into loving homes.  When the news of the available dogs hit the news, applications came in.

Each family was given instructions to show up and wait for their number to be called.  At that time, they could pick out a pup to welcome into their homes.  Confirmation was delivered to each family on the adoption day.   Yet no one knew which one they would receive

There were many happy tears shed as the people one by one chose their dogs. This is truly a heartwarming story with a happy ending.

Thanks to the rescuers who saved Raina and the puppies, and the people who opened their hearts and homes, these dogs will now have a chance to a wonderful life.

The video shows the pups as they are being welcomed into their new families.  You may need a tissue for this one.

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