Familly Dog Appears From Ashes Of Families Charred California Home, They Were Overjoyed

The wildfires in California have brought mass devastation.  Hence, lives have been lost and homes ruined.  The Weaver Family knows first hand the damage that fires of that size can cause.  But they had a wonderful surprise coming to them as they searched for their dog.  Furthermore, the surprise was recorded on video and has left the internet in tears.

Izzy Emerges Out of the Ashes and Rubble

Jack Weaver searched the remains of his parent’s home in search of the body of the family dog, A Bernese Mountain Dog named Izzy.  The Weavers believed that Izzy must have perished in the fire. Because the family home was burnt to the ground, it did not look like a dog could have survived.  Weaver did not want his mother to be the first one to find the dog, so he and his brother in law scouted the area first.  As he searched, his eye caught the movement of something in the darkened ashes. Sure enough, to everyone’s surprise, it was Izzy.   “Izzy is here!” Jack yelled. “Izzy, come here baby!” The video below show’s the entire thing it’s amazing to watch.

Weaver recalls that joyful moment.  “It was one of the greatest moments of my life,” Jack explained. “It was elation — we came walking around the corner [and] we didn’t expect to see her.”

The moment has been captured on video for all to enjoy.  In the wake of such mass destruction, it is heartwarming to see something like this.  Even though Weaver said he had been praying that somehow Izzy was alive, he was shocked to see her coming out of the rubble and ashes. Because of the content of the video, you may want to keep a tissue handy.

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