Family Adopts A Dog That Looks Just Like Their Dog's Twin, Is It Possible

Bethany couldn’t ask for a better life. Her perfect little family is made up of her boyfriend, herself, and her dog, Rogue. She spends most of her time with the two most important things in her life: her boyfriend and Rogue. She didn’t think she needed any changes in her life. When Bethany least expected it, her family would begin to grow, and actually be her own dog’s twin!

Bethany had not planned on getting a new dog anytime soon. She and her boyfriend had always considered adopting a pup, but they never fully committed to it.

Recently, she was taking Rogue on a walk as she usually would. During her walk, she passed by a dog adopting event. Of course, she thought about possibly adopting one of the many dogs she was passing. Once she saw this particular dog, she knew she had to adopt him.

The pooch stood out to her because he looked like Rogues twin! Bethany stopped and walked toward the dog. She instantly fell in love! So the dog owner called her boyfriend telling him that she found the Rogues twin and that she wanted him.

After everything was said and done, Bethany and her boyfriend adopted the twin. They decided to name him Beast. Bethany comments,

“What made me want to rescue Beast over the other dogs was that he looked just like Rogue. They’re both Cairn Terrier mixes, Rogue’s mom was a Lab/Pit mix and her dad a Cairn and with Beast we’re just not sure, it just has Cairn mix,”

After they returned home Beast wasn’t exactly kind for a while. He tried to assert his dominance on Rogue. But after a while the two became inseparable. Bethany is so glad to have such an amazing little family. Beast has become a great addition. 

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