Family brings home new pup, their 15-year-old dog cries when they leave her behind

Sometimes, it seems like there are so many cases of neglect, abuse and abandonment with animals that there can’t be more unique stories out there. The kind that you are about to read is not necessarily abuse or neglect, but it’s a very sad case of betrayal. Dogs are so loyal to humans that it’s hard to imagine how families can just dump them and move on. Of course, there are cases when dogs have to be surrendered. Terminal illness is one such case. This is not one of those excusable cases. Read on and stay with it because I promise there is a happy ending.

Cookie Is Left Behind

Cookie was a senior Cocker spaniel who was brought in as a stray to a San Bernardino shelter. She was 15 years of age when found. Cookie was brought in with a young labrador who was also found wandering around lost.  Cookie had tags on that helped locate the owner. But when her family came to pick her up, they decided to leave with just the young labrador instead. Perhaps the fact that they left with just the younger dog makes this whole story even more maddening. It has been reported that Cookie cried when her family left without her.

News of Cookie’s abandonment at the shelter spread. With Social Media, it does not take long for stories like this to reach a wide audience. Thankfully, a foster family stepped forward to rescue Cookie from the shelter. Senior dogs especially can fall ill in shelters. All of the commotion and other strange dogs barking can send a senior into depression.

A Happy Ending

Cookie not only was rescued into a foster home but she has earned the right to stay there for the rest of her life. She will be a permanent resident of the foster family, never to be betrayed again. This just goes to show, for all of the stories of cruelty, there are stories of compassion. Kudos to the shelter and permanent foster family who took Cookie in.

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