Family Calls 18-Year-Old Dog ‘Too Stupid’ To Keep And Drop Him Off At A Vet Clinic

Figgy is an 18-year-old poodle who was surrendered to a vet clinic to be put down. It was just before Christmas when his person took him in to be euthanized. Figgy had arthritis, was blind and had no teeth. Despite all of these cards stacked against him, Figgy could still get around fairly well. The veterinarians determined that Figgy was healthy for his age and that there was no reason to end his life. His owners decided to leave him behind.

Figgy’s previous owner said that he was stupid.

When staff and volunteers looked through his paperwork, they found out that the reason for his surrender was that his owner’s wife “didn’t like him.” In fact, she said that “he’s stupid.”

The staff loved Figgy right from the start. They made it their mission to find them a home so that he could live out his golden years. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco was contacted about whether or not they have room for Figgy. Thankfully, the rescue took Figgy into their loving care.

Soon the people at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue found Figgy a forever home. Figgy was adopted by a woman named Eileen. She had adopted hospice dogs from Muttville in the past.

Figgy is now living the life that he deserves. It may have taken him a long time to get to a home where he is unconditionally loved. But the good news is that he found it. Figgy’s life could have ended prematurely but instead, thanks to the veterinary staff and the rescue people, he has found new life.

The rescue story about Figgy should reinforce to people that euthanizing a dog just because he or she is old is not ok. Many old dogs have much more life in them to give. Thankfully, Figgy found a forever home with people who will shower him with love.

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