Family Came Home To Find A Tiger Casually Lounging Inside


Floods rampaged through Kaziranga Nationaal Park in Assam, India leaving animals stranded and confused. Some ran for safe places away from the rising waters. One tiger found a resting spot in a very unlikely place, much to the surprise of some humans.


The confused tiger was spotted walking along a highway, probably on the way to nearby Karbi Hills. Something must have scared the cat because he jumped over a wall and through a window of a home.


The tiger was found sleeping in a bedroom. When the homeowners found the sleepy and scared tiger, they immediately called authorities for help. Rescuers from the Assam Forest Department, the Wildlife Trust of India and the International Fund for Animal Welfare were all contacted.


Dr Samshul Ali/ IFAW-WTI

The Tiger Was Ushered To A Safe Place


Thankfully, the tiger didn’t panic when he was ushered out of the nice bed that he found. He actually mostly stayed sleepy through the whole ordeal. Rescuers were able to block off a section of highway and then set off firecrackers to scare him away. The tiger was able to cross the highway and get back on a path to dry ground.


Dr. Samshul Ali/ IFAW-WTI

In a press release, the Wildlife Trust of India wrote,

“The Assam Forest Department is worked round the clock with us to ensure the safety of humans and animals in the wake of floods and receding waters that is throwing such unprecedented challenges each day. This situation is also a strong statement on highways and settlements blocking the animals’ right of passage!”


Twitter/Wildlife Trust India

There are approximately only 4,000 tigers left in the wild. When they come in close contact with humans like this one did, they are in great danger. Project C.A.T is helping protect tigers by supporting around 2 million acres of protected habitat. This is a global effort to double wild tiger numbers by 2022.

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