Family devastated after their dog is stolen on a trip, but this TV reporter comes to save the day


A family found out the hard way that it wasn’t safe to leave their dog tied to a tree alone while they ate dinner in a restaurant. Leaving a pet unattended in a public area is much like leaving a child. It’s just not a smart move to make. Thankfully there is a happy ending to the story and hopefully, a lesson learned for all dog owners.


Facebook/The Uplift

The Mathias family was on a road trip and decided to leave their dog, Lucy tied to a tree. Because it was a hot day, they couldn’t leave her in the car. So instead of getting take-out, they tied her to a tree and figured she’d be there when they came out. But when they were finished eating, they found that Lucy was gone.


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The surveillance camera showed that Lucy had been untied by someone in the parking lot and taken to their car. The license plate was visible and they were able to track the vehicle to a woman. Consequently, Lucy’s human father put the information on Facebook. He also contacted the local news station with the information.


Lucy Was Found!


The information about the missing Lucy found its way to Matt Dougherty, a reporter for KHOU 11. Dougherty was able to track down the woman. A young boy answered the door and explained that they thought Lucy had been abandoned. In other words, they thought they were doing a good thing in rescuing Lucy. They gave Lucy to Matt and it was arranged for Lucy to go home.


Facebook/The Uplift

Lucy’s homecoming was caught on video for all to enjoy. Take a look and tell us what you think. Would you leave your dog tied outside a public place? Maybe take-out would be a better option. It was good that the family didn’t leave Lucy in the hot car. But leaving her outside left her vulnerable. In summary, it’s always good to watch a pet like you would a child in public settings. Thankfully, the woman was not out to steal Lucy. The great news is that Lucy is home where she belongs.





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