Family Devastated By Fire Sees Wiggling In The Mud, Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes


 As wildfires rip through the Great Smokey Mountains, Rob Holmes and his family found themselves trapped in their home surrounded by flames.  With evacuations taking place all around them it was clear they would need to leave.

“The power lines dangled over our driveway.  We couldn’t get our cars out, the smoke was so bad that we were having a hard time breathing.” Holmes said.

The family fled with four dogs and one cat to a nearby hotel.  Andrea, Rob’s daughter cried all night long because the one animal they couldn’t rescue was Charles, the pet pig.

When the family returned they were given the worst possible news they could have heard, the house was burned completely to the ground.  Then they got the best news ever; Charles the pig was alive!

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Holmes said.  The pig had burrowed down into the mud to survive the 800 degrees temps.

The Pig’s Recovery

Charles was dehydrated and suffered some burns on his hooves.  He was brought to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital where he can receive fluids and be treated for smoke inhalation.  His family has gathered around him as well as other visitors.

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