Sweet Collie Surrendered By His Family Because Of His Age, They Didn’t Want To Deal With Him Anymore


Age is just a number to some, but to others, it is much more than that. Growing old comes with many different battles in life. This story is one of them. Watch the video below to get a deeper understanding.



When a Collie named Jake turned the age of 16, he was unwanted by his family. Not because of his behavior, or because of his hygiene, but because he was blind and deaf. The family that had once owned him no longer had the patience to take care of the sweet old dog because of his age and his health issues.


So what they did next is what many people would frown upon; they decided to get rid of him. His family took him to the Ohio Humane Society because they simply did not want him. When the terrified dog arrived, the shelter felt awful. The poor pup did not know this new environment and why his family had left him there. They immediately called rescues asking if anyone could take the kind Collie in.




Soon after Almost Home Dog Rescue came to pick up Jake. They found him a foster home.


After Jake was safe, the Ohio Humane Society posted this on their Facebook:


‘The lies that are told, the excuses that we hear, the sad old dogs that have given of themselves, the best they have to give, only to be handed over to strangers when they need peace and safety in their final years, all take a toll on those of us who pour our hearts into our job. There isn’t one of us here who hasn’t cried over ones lost. We are accused daily of being cruel and heartless because we are forced to make hard decisions due to the irresponsibility of people.

ageWe are stopped at Walmart…to be asked ‘How long before you put them down? As if that is the only reason we work at an animal shelter. And when it comes time to make that decision, pets are brought here and surrendered because ‘we just can’t do that to them’ and I thought since you do that all the time, it would be easier for you.’ We are told ‘I could never work there, I don’t know how you do it!’ But we wouldn’t work anywhere else. We work here because people can be cruel and irresponsible. We want only to help those who don’t have a voice of their own.’


After Jake spent a few months in foster care he found a permanent home. Here he would not be neglected. Life for Jake turned around. Watch the video below to see this story unfold.



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