Family Discovers Old Farm Dog Was Living A ‘Double Life’ For 12 Years

Dogs can be sneaky, especially if they are smart. Mckayla, a 12-year-old Great Pyrenees, spent her entire life living on a farm and herding. Her owners who were farmers saw how much she loved the farm life, but unfortunately, they had to move to the city. Luckily for Mckayla the new owners of the farm, Roger and Julie Gill, decided to take her.

After a good amount of time living with the Gill’s Mckayla decided to something super sneaky. When Julie was not paying attention the dog snuck off the property and went to the local town store which apparently was a normal occurrence.

A woman saw the dog and asked if she had an owner. The clerk told the confused woman that Mckayla lived right down the street.

The curious woman decided to take Mckayla. Not too long after the clerk called the owners worried about the dog.

The woman had taken her and wouldn’t return her.  The police went to the house and the video evidence. Mckayla was returned to the farm but the Gills are still in shock that she had been doing this for 12 years.

Julie commented about Mckayla’s sneaky side and said, “She’s quite a smart old cookie. She’s been fooling us all; she’s playing us like a fiddle.”

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