Vet is Confused By Family Dragging A Tire Into Office, She Hears The Cries From Inside

There’s no debating that cats are adorable. Kittens, are especially cute, fit themselves into the smallest spaces to cuddle up. Even the bigger ones somehow manage to fit themselves in tiny places.

The independence of felines makes them prone to getting themselves into trouble. A family from Middletown, Connecticut discovered this when their four-month-old kitten, Cookie got herself into some trouble.

Still growing up, the kitten became curious about exploring her environment. Cookie got an idea one day in the garage. She decided she would fit herself into the center of a tire.

Things didn’t pan out the way Cookie intended. She became stuck.

The hard workers at Middletown’s Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center became the heroes for cute little Cookie!

They wrote about Cookie on their Facebook page:

“Never a dull day at Pieper! Meet little Cookie, a four-month-old kitten who was playing in the garage and decided to stick her head through a tire!“After trying everything they could to get her out, her family brought Cookie in to see us. Our team in the emergency room was able to quickly get her free from the tire rim, and now she’s resting from her exciting day. She’s going to be just fine.”

This little adventure “tired” cookie out.   Share this post with your friends if are glad she is safe!

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