Cruel Family Drops Their Poor Beagle Off At A Shelter So They Can Go Away With Their New Dog


This story starts out as any dog-loving family story could start. A family from California goes on vacation in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. They find a cute beagle that they decide to adopt and bring home. This is where the “happily ever after” should come into play. But instead 6 years later, they decide to go on another vacation to Hawaii, 6 weeks long. But instead of taking their dog to a kennel, hiring a sitter or taking the beagle with them, they surrender the dog to the shelter.



The beagle’s name is Toots, and she clearly deserved better treatment than to be dumped at the shelter so that her family could go on a vacation. To make matters worse, this is a kill shelter, so little Toot’s life was in danger. She was at risk of being put to death. Thankfully this did not happen. In fact, she didn’t even spend one night in the shelter. Instead, Chiquita’s Friends Animal Rescue stepped in and took Toots in.



“Toots is so very scared but grateful she didn’t sleep at shelter one night,”  Andrea Neyses, an animal welfare advocate at the shelter wrote. “Rescued at close of business by amazing rescue.”




The Video Of The Man Dumping His Dog At The Shelter Was Shared On Facebook


Neyses was a big part of getting Toot’s story out there, and ultimately getting Toots into the rescue. She posted on Facebook, “TODAY I SAW THE MOST SELFISH OF HUMANS.” Then she shared a video of the man surrendering Toots.



In the video, you can hear Neyse say, “They got a new dog they are keeping to take with them. Who can look in her face and know [you’re] their whole world and still walk away?” Then as the man walks away Neyse says, “You have a real nice vacation.”


Clearly, a lot of drama happened and thankfully that is what got Toots the attention to get into a rescue and out of the shelter. No dog deserves to be given up so that owners can go on a vacation! Let’s hope that Toots gets a much better home now.






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