Family Orders Them To Get Rid Of Dogs, What Couple Did Instead Made Me Cry

When couples announce great news like the arrival of a baby they are ecstatic but for Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa, the learned quickly how their friends and family were going to give them unsolicited advice.  Thier biggest concern? The couple’s dogs.

“I was told by my family and friends, and even my doctor to get rid of my dogs, that my baby came first.” Sanjana wrote.

Sanjana works with an animal rescue organization as a result, she’s taken in five dogs.  The couple loves each dog like a member of the family, but other people don’t always understand that.  Because of Sanjana’s work with animals over the years, she has seen many dogs given up because of a new baby.  But she was firm in her response “My dogs are staying!”

And to show her dedication to her family, both human and canine, she and Aditya posed for a fantastic maternity shoot starring all five dog siblings.

Due to an unreasonably difficult pregnancy, she describes how she had thoughts of getting rid of the dogs. She quickly realized that she couldn’t do it without them.  Days spent crying she had Diego’s head reassuring her things would be fine.  Other nights she spent hours in the bathroom with Leo keeping her company.  Cujo rested at her feet and Leela kept her laughing with her silly antics.

Dog owners know that dogs are amazing at helping their humans get through tough times.  Weeks after the photo shoot the couple gave birth to a healthy baby boy who is loving his fur siblings.

“I can’t think of anything that could have prepared me as well for motherhood as my furry kids,”

To see more family photos visit Facebook.

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