Family Rescues Small Creature So Rare It's Almost Extinct

Take a look at this adorable animal. What is it? Of course, that’s a tiny kitten, right?

Wrong! In Thailand, a family saw this tiny critter in the middle of the road. Obviously, they too thought it was a kitten.

They figured it was a newborn house kitty that got separated from its mother. Thinking its owners ditched it since they were nowhere to be found, they decided to give the baby a home. When they returned home, they realized something wasn’t right. This animal no longer looked like a house cat. They thought it looked as if it would soon grow into a large feline.

Curious what the animal was, they called up the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand group. Clearly, they wanted answers. Also, the little animal obviously needed a vet.

Through the vet’s check up, they realized the truth. The “kitten” actually was a rare fishing cat. So rare, this animal is near extinction.

Fishing cats have been losing their habitat, and with human-nature conflict, these animals quickly lose their homes. Fisher cats can weigh up to 26 pounds and just love water; at one point in their histories, they even sported webbed feet!

When you first lay eyes on this adorable little tyke, you think you know exactly what it is. Without a close examination, anyone would think this is a newborn kitten. Well…it kind of is.

These cats are beautiful, and it would be a shame if they ended up extinct. The Fisher cat is said to be the most vulnerable of small and medium-sized cats in Southeast Asia.

Luckily in the right hands, they named the fisher cat Simba. It’s up to Simba to keep on living and help bring the Fisher cat species back from the brink of extinction.

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