Family rescues tiny, adorable moose babies

Under normal circumstances, people should not attempt to go anywhere near a moose calf. Mother moose can inflict powerful kicks with their front hooves that can easily injure and even kill people. Moose are fierce protectors of their babies, but this was no normal circumstance.  Lee-Ann Kramer put two and two together when they saw two moose calves all alone in the woods. Recently there were reports of a moose being euthanized due to a broken leg. Therefore, they assumed that these calves were orphaned and decided to help them.

Lee-Ann Kramer

With permission from the British Columbia conservation office, Kramer and her husband stood in as surrogate parents.  “The calves were not going to survive long in the woods without their momma,” Kramer explained.

Carly Moran

The moose, later named Clover and Chocolate first needed to be caught. Clover was no problem to catch. But Chocolate didn’t get captured easily. In Fact, the Kramers only caught Clover. The next day other people caught Chocolate and reunited the two at the Kramer’s place.

Lee-Ann Kramer

The Moose Calves Lived Right In Their House

“The moose stayed with my family for five glorious days,” Lee-Ann Kramer said. “Sleeping in my boot room at night, playing outside all day, bottle-fed goat milk every few hours and grazing freely on forest vegetation.”

Lee-Ann Kramer

“I was … super elated that we could help get them to safety,” Kramer said. The couple closely followed directions from their veterinarian about what to feed them. The moose stayed with them for 5 days and then went to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society’s Sanctuary. “The sanctuary in Golden borders on Banff National Park,” Kramer explained. “We’re hoping they become safe park moose, where hunting is prohibited.”

Lee-Ann Kramer The Kramers received reports from the sanctuary that Clover and Chocolate were growing like weeds. The calves will stay there until the Fall. Then they will be released back to the wild. And as for the Kramers, they will never forget those days that they got to nurture the moose calves. “We loved every moment of our time with them,” Kramer said. Lee-Ann Kramer Upvote Downvote

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