Family returns adorable cat to the shelter for being “too cuddly”, the staff couldn't believe it

You just never know in this world the price you may have to pay for being too sweet. A shelter cat named Jacque was returned to the shelter multiple times, with one reason given that she was just “too cuddly.”

Jacque’s life story of rejection began in May 1016. His owners had moved away and left him behind. He was only 7 months old when a realtor found him in the empty house that he lived in with his family.  The realtor took Jacque into the local animal shelter.

Sadly, the shelter was so overcrowded with animals, most of who were also rejected by owners. No one was interested in adopting the orange tabby. But his life was about to get better. Nancy Hutchinson, the president and founder of Michigan Cat Rescue took Jacque into her care. This was a move that most likely saved Jacque’s life. He could now wait it out while a permanent home would be found for the cuddly cat.

Things were looking like Jacque received his “happily ever after” when a woman came in and adopted him. But sadly, a year later she returned Jacque for being what she described as “too cuddly.” A new home would need to be found for Jacque but this time the cat rescue would be more picky about who gets him. While Jacque waited for a new home, he became sick at the rescue. He didn’t eat for days and then developed a respiratory problem. The rescue staff felt that Jacque was suffering from betrayal.

Thankfully Jacque recovered and his future was looking bright as a kind lady named Liz Mizuik and her family showed an interest in adopting Jacque. Hutchinson had a good feeling about Liz Mizuik. Jacque was going home for good this time. But first, a new and better beginning called for a new name. Mizuik named her new furry family member Giuseppe.

Reports have come in that Guiseppe is happy in his new home. Liz Mizuik and her family adore the cuddly fellow.

After a long road of rejection, this cuddly kitty has finally found the home that he deserves. Would you be able to return this cuddly kitty?

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