Family Returns Dog To Shelter – A Little Girl Left A Heart-wrenching Note For His New Owners

Now and then, even when people have the best intentions, a new dog doesn’t work out. It’s important to make sure that we are doing the right thing for everyone, but unexpected things happen all the time. Much like it did for the family that had to return Rhino Lightning to the shelter. No one was more upset about it, though than the little girl that left something extraordinary with workers at the shelter.


You see, the family that returned Rhino to the shelter has four young children. In the beginning, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Everyone got along fine, and things were going well. When Rhino Lightning got used to his environment, though, he got a little too excited to be there.

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Sadly, the parents of those kids became very concerned about how rough Rhino was with the kids. The brindle Boxer puppy was just too rambunctious, and everyone was worried that he would hurt the children.


The family did not come to this decision lightly and broke their hearts when it happened. It turned out that their youngest daughter was having an especially hard time with the whole thing. Workers at the shelter realized that as soon as they read the heartbreaking notebook that she left there with Rhino.

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You see, the sweet little girl wanted to make sure that Rhino’s next family knew a few things.


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First, Rhino’s biggest fan wanted his new family to know that she thought he was a pretty puppy. She was also apparently very concerned about his environment, no matter how she spelled it. The little sweetheart didn’t stop there. She had a few more things she needed to get off her chest.

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The little girl went on to talk about what an intelligent and amazing puppy Rhino is. She also wanted to make sure that his new family knew he needed a lot of love and attention and that he loves people.

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Then, the girl wanted to make sure the new owners had all the pertinent information. She told them that he gets too excited if you tease him with treats and he will, “bark like crazy.” She also wanted them to know that he loves cuddles.

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Here is where the note gets really sweet and genuinely heartwrenching. The tiny dog lover wanted Rhino’s new family to make sure they tell him every night how much she loved him. Adorably, she also talked about how much he slobbers.


And finally, the closing page of the note.

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The little girl wanted the new owners to know, in no uncertain terms, that they are not to rename Rhino Lighting. The poor little thing must have been heartbroken to see her best friend go away.

Sadly, sometimes as a parent we have to do what’s right to protect our kids. No matter how you feel about them returning the dog, that little girl’s note is hands down the cutest thing you will see all day.

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