Cat Leaves Home And Never Comes Back–15 Years Later The Family Is In Tears

When their cat returned after 15 years out of sight, the sight of their wonderful cat shocked this British family.

In 2002, their black cat Winston left home for only a few days at a time. But one time, he left and never came back.

In 2017, the family received a miracle. People saw Winston roaming the streets. Upon seeing him, the drove him to a nearby vet which notified the home.

“The vet took him in, scanned him and gave us a call. You get strange phone calls and I thought, ‘This can’t possibly be,’” said Peter, a retired printer, of Winston. The vet was able to identify them as Winston’s owner’s thanks to his implanted microchip.

They claimed it was a huge shock. They thought he left forever.

To top Winston’s arrival home, he came back to a family with now six children and a few new pets. 

Miracles really do happen! Share this post if you are glad Winston found his way home.

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