Family Risks Their Lives To Rescue Dogs Stranded Due To Hurricane Dorian


With every hurricane that touches anywhere people live, there will be devastation. The same held true for Hurricane Dorian when it touched down on the northern Bahamas for two days. Dorian caused catastrophic damages in the Abacos and Grand Bahama. The death toll as of this writing is at 20. Airports and roads have been washed out and neighborhoods have suffered terribly. People have had to abandon their homes, but despite all of this there are heroic stories that are emerging. This is the story of a brave family who risked their lives to save their dogs.



Despite the rising waters, the family carried their dogs out.


Tim Aylen is a Bahamian journalist who was assisting the Associate press. He would not leave his dogs behind, despite the rising floodwaters. Aylen and his 21-year-old daughter, Julia and 17-year-old son Matthew had to leave their home because of the hurricane. But they weren’t leaving without taking their three dogs with them. Even with devastation all around and the waters rising, they didn’t hesitate on taking their dogs with them.



Even though the Aylen Family was tired, they pulled together enough strength to carry their dogs through the floodwaters. With so many stories surfacing about abandoned pets, this truly is inspiring.



The rescue was caught on video and shared on the internet. As you may have imagined it has gone viral. Take a look for yourself in the video below and be inspired.


Just think of how it would feel knowing you could lose your life but also wanting to rescue your fur family. Would you go to this length to rescue your pets? Hats off to this amazing family for not leaving their beloved family members behind. The world could use more incredible heroes like this.


Check out the amazing rescue here



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