Family Seeks Justice For The Family Dog Shot With An Arrow, It Wasn't An Accident

One of the worst fears that many dog owners have, is that harm will come to their dog.  That fear turned into reality for one Ohio family when they learned their Labrador retriever had been shot with an arrow.

A caring neighbor showed up at Chatfield Redick’s door with his lab named Cosmo, who had just been shot with the arrow.  Redick quickly took Copley to the animal hospital. The veterinarian said that the arrow just narrowly missed Cosmo’s lung.  Redick said that his dog got off his property just long enough to get shot when their electrical fence malfunctioned.

As the authorities searched for a suspect in the shooting, Christine Redick said, “He’s our family pet. He’s our kid’s dog. It just broke my heart that somebody could do this to a dog. I highly believe there’s no way it could have been an accident.”

Suspect Admits to Shooting The Dog

A suspect has emerged that admitted to shooting the dog with an arrow.  The last name of a 16-year-old was written on the arrow.  The teen said that he did indeed shoot the dog with an arrow. He said he was hunting deer and thought he was shooting a coyote.  Furthermore, charges against the teen are pending.

Dough Hunter, the Captain of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office commented, “Violence towards pets is something we are not going to take lightly. Hunters do not pursue domestic animals and whoever committed this crime is nothing more than a common criminal. We will do everything we can to hold him accountable.”

And as for Cosmo, he is recovering at home and doing well. Yet he still wears a large bandage around his middle where he was shot.   It is hoped that he will make a full recovery.

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