Family that lost their dog is heartbroken, but they find him over 60 miles away


Losing a dog can be extremely scary for dog owners. It leaves a pit in your stomach not knowing where they went. Since dogs are part of the family for most people, losing them is just as bad as losing a human family member. About two months ago, an adorable dog named Leo went missing in Turkey, along with two other dogs in their family. His family immediately felt a sense of helplessness. They searched everywhere for their beloved family members, finding them nowhere. After looking for weeks the family began to think that someone took them, or even worse that they were dead.

Weeks passed, a member of the family named Sertaç Araç visited a town about 60 miles away from his own. During his trip, he noticed a dog sitting on the street that looked just like Leo. Sertaç could not believe his eyes. Later he adds,


“I took a picture and sent it to my mother and father. I was in doubt.”

His parents drove to see if the dog was truly Leo. Once his parents arrived, they all knew it was their Leo. You can see it in his reaction to seeing his family. Take time to watch the video below to see Leo’s reaction to seeing his beloved family.

Bu aile Leo'ya (Sokak köpeği) Zonguldak'ta bakıyor. Köpek bir gün kayboluyor. Aile, bayram için Bartın'a gidiyor. Bir kişi Leo'yu Bartın sokaklarında görmüş olabileceğini söylüyor. Sonrasını izliyorsunuz…

İŞSİZLER 发布于 2019年6月10日周一

Although the family found Leo, they still have yet to find their other two dogs. Sadly, some dogs never return to their family. Sertaç comments,


“We’re so happy Leo is home. I will look carefully everywhere I visit in hopes we find [the other two dogs]. My father and mother will continue to search as long as they can, because they see them as their sons and love them.”

At least this family found one of their dogs. Losing any pet is very traumatic. So please share this story to help find the other dogs!

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