Family Dog Has Been Missing For A Year–Mom Opens Up The Trunk

It’s heartbreaking when a family loses a pet. Pets are very much a family member in their own, ever-loving way. This family, in particular, lost their dog. Dogs often make their families feel like their pack and give their families all the love and happiness they can.

For this family with two children, you can only imagine the hole that opened when their dog went missing.

Fortunately, though, his family was able to be reunited with their missing dog!

Microchips Make A Difference

Their dog, Lola, had been missing for a whole year. Thankfully, Lola was microchipped. This small piece can make a huge difference when it comes to lost pets, and it meant that Lola could get home.

The kids’ mom brings Lola home in the back of her SUV, but the kids have no idea what’s going to happen. She films their reaction, too, of course, and you can share in their happiness with the video below!

The mom announces with a big smile, “It’s Lola!” Her daughter starts crying and looks frozen in shock.

She asks her kids if they can believe it, and it seems that no one can believe they were able to get their sweet dog back.

It’s clear that Lola is as happy as her family to be back home! She’s all smiles and tail-wags. She runs around the yard in excitement. It’s safe to say that she missed her family and home as much as they missed her.

The kids ask their mom how she found Lola. Her mom explains that people, likely a shelter or animal rescue, found Lola. All of this was possible because of microchipping.

It seems insignificant, but it’s the right thing to do to make it through worst-case scenarios. Be sure to microchip your pets, so you never have to live without them!

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