Farmers were worried to death after ducklings went missing, when they found them they were shocked


At a farm owned by Emma and Ronan Lally near Clara, Ireland, a mystery was unfolding. The couple was expecting ducklings to hatch, but when they looked, they saw plenty of egg shells but no little ducks. So they began searching. Emma and Ronan were worried, especially since they had a cat on the farm, IrishCentral reports.

The ducklings were safe
Image by LFC 1892 via YouTube video

When They Found the Ducklings, They Were Shocked

Della, their kitty, had the duck in her mouth. Scared, they took the tiny bird away from her but soon realized she was gently carrying it and not causing any harm, WeLoveAnimals reports.

Kittens shared their mom with ducklings
Image by LFC 1892 via YouTube video

Just hours before, sweet Della gave birth to three adorable kittens and she was feeling a lot of motherly love. So she took the ducklings in to raise as her own. Surprisingly, the fluffy yellow babies even started nursing.

The ducklings were even nursing
Image by LFC 1892 via YouTube video

Ronan, a primary school teacher,  was still worried Della’s predatory instincts might kick in and wanted to separate the unusual family. However, Emma, who works as a midwife, talked him out of it, reasoning that the ducklings would fare better if they stayed with Della.

“The minute the cat lay down the three ducklings ran underneath her,” Ronan said. “She started to purr.”

“We lifted her up and two ducklings were latched onto the cat. The cat has all the maternal instinct, she has her paw around them, and it is just extraordinary.”

And we have to admit this family is extremely cute.

Kitty had her paws full with these adorable ducklings
Image by LFC 1892 via YouTube video

But ducklings grow much faster than kittens and soon turned into adults. Even so, the cats and ducks remained good friends. The unusual family was even the subject of a BBC nature series.

And everyone still hangs around together.

The ducklings followed their cat mom
Image via LFC 1892 via YouTube video

The video below might just be the most heartwarming thing you’ve seen all day. Enjoy!

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