Farmer Can't Believe His Ears, The Vet Says 'These Aren't Kittens' He's Still In Shock

Adorable spotted kittens were found in a farmer’s barn.  Many people living on farms have heard this scenario before. I know I have. We have two house cats that we’ve adopted that were orphaned in our barn before we even owned any cats.  Most farmers can relate to this story. But these kittens were just a little bit different than your average house cat.

Realizing that the tiny spotted kittens with eyes still shut were too young to fend for themselves and not catching any sighting of the mother, the farmer called the Daursky Nature Reserve for assistance.  It did not take long for the reserve experts to point out that these were not your average house cats. In fact, they were a type of rare wild cats called Pallas or Manuls. This type of wild cat can grow to about 6 pounds in weight.

Not having an available Palla to raise the orphans, the reserve did the next best thing. They enlisted the help from two domestic cats that lived at the reserve.  The introductions thankfully went well and the orphan kittens were no longer motherless. The kittens now had not one but two house cats that raised them as their own.

When the kittens have grown large enough to fend for themselves, the plan is to release them back into the wild where they belong. Thanks to the farmer and the caring individuals at the reserve these kittens have a chance at a life of freedom. They would not have survived at such a young age if compassionate people would not have stepped in and given them a helping hand.

Thanks also goes out to the two surrogate house cats who took these wild orphans in without thinking twice.

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