Farmers Are Starting A New Hilarious Trend–'Chicken Shaming'

Chickens can be quite cute and helpful animals! For many, they are great sources of eggs, but other chickens go rogue. Suddenly, it’s no more eggs for the humans and all about terrorizing children and cats, and so much more.

Chicken owners are now teaching the crazy birds a lesson by shaming them for their antics!

This first one gets into some gender politics, but is still funny!

The next one has some fun with scaring the family cat.

This hen went missing for a couple of weeks, but she came back with a big surprise for her owners.

The next, rather quirky-looking chicken thinks that they’re the greatest singer! They want their owner to know, but only at inconvenient times.

Another chicken shows up with a friend for a double-shame!

This owner gets sassy with their chicken for having to go to the grocery store.

Children aren’t off limits for this defiant bird!

Kids love hunting for Easter eggs in the spring, but this farmer isn’t interested in his chicken’s antics. Have you ever heard of an Easter chicken?

The next chicken isn’t as big about holidays as the last. In fact, we’re pretty sure they hate holidays.

Chickens tend to eat small things, but this chicken ate something just a bit bigger than usual. It decided to tackle a frog. With its mouth.

This next chicken likes to be vocal too, but because they want to be held at night. Adorable, right? Well, not for its owners.

Cats are getting terrorized again by this chicken, which is quite aggressive and cheeky!

For this owner, their chicken is much like having a child – the bird fakes being sick to get a treat!

This chicken didn’t like jewelry too much and had to let their mom know in a rather assertive way!

You can find so many more of these chicken-shaming pictures here for even more hilarity!

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